The Kuthuparamba Co-Op rural bank Ltd No F.1261 registered on 23/09/1946 and started functioning w.e.f. 29/09/1946 is a co operative sector institution. The bank’s headquarters is situated at Kuthuparamba of Thalassery taluk of Kannur district The bank’s areas of working jurisdiction covers in Kolayad, Kannavam, Cheruvancherry, Mananthery, Kandankunnu, Pathiriyad, Paduvilayi, Mangattidam, Kottayam, Kuthuparamba and Pattiam villages of Thalassery taluk The first and foremost aim of the bank is to provide various short-term, medium-term and long- term loans and advances to its members to meet their agricultural, agriculture associated and non agricultural requirements, and to provide and distribute loans and advances for specific projects approved by the Registrar and by NABARD. In order to encourage frugality, thrift, self sufficiency and to develop helping mind among members, bank implements various projects, accepts various types of deposits and carry out all banking transactions in accordance with the prevailing banking rules and regulations as framed in the bank bye-laws. The auditorium cum shopping complex of the bank at Paral is a mark of glory to Kuthuparamba. The bank was upgraded from Spl Grade to Class 1 Super Grade category W.E.F. 31/03/2016.


The bank has 4 categories of membership pattern namely A Class, B Class, C Class, and D Class. The rate of bank membership fee is 500, 20, 100, 1000 respectively.


According to the requirements of members, bank provides various loan facilities. The bank provides various types of loans for agricultural and non- agricultural requirements of members for short-term, medium-term and long-term basis according to the approval of Registrar. The bank also provides loans approved by Registrar to self help societies, Kudumbasree units, and Ayalkoottangal based on certain conditions

Bank accepts deposits from members and non-members. Bank implements various deposit schemes according to customer’s interest. Bank achieved considerable growth in the field of deposits and loans

Excluding Head office, bank explores its business targets through 12 branches including its main branch. Among the bank branches, Kolathmala, Kolayad and Mambaram branches start its banking transaction from 8 am to 8pm on shift basis